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Mwah! I return!

^_^ Please hold your adulation until the end of the post... for Hakkai has returned.
Stupid airport lost my bag though so all the badass souveneirs I bought aren't currently with me...
It was all in all a really good time but unfortunately the 4 days I decide to come up to visit just happen to be the weekend Conneticut has the worst blizzard it has had in 7 years -_-...
Lucky me?
There was over 2 feet of snow ontop of the 3 feet that were already there...
Cars were buried people... let me tell you...

And Navy men are very hot... and surprisingly polite...

anywho I'm just gonna say please don't hate me if it takes me a while to read the millions of posts that I missed in the last couple of days from all my friends... don't get me wrong... I'm gonna do it...
You can bet my ass will be glued to this chair all day tommorrow reading friends posts and doing homework ^^;;

It's good to be home.

Oh yeah... I bought the first dvd set of outlaw star... and it was really cheap and I couldn't decide why... so I watched it... and disk one (which I double checked and it is indeed labled disk 1) had episodes 6-10 on it... and disk 2 has episoded 6-10 on it as well...
WTF!!!??? Where are my first 5 episodes dammit!


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Feb. 18th, 2003 10:48 pm (UTC)
And a hearty welcome back to you! I was wondering if you'd be in town considering the stupid amounts of snow that happened to land all at once out there. Glad you made it back safely.
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