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It's never too late...

Make up with whoever you are fighting with... life is short and arguments are petty...

Today at 6:50 in the morning two girls were racing down Green Country Road one of them lost control of her car and struck and killed my friend Ashley Steffan while she was waiting for the bus to go to school.
The reporters on the news said she was killed instantly.

Ashley and the rest of us had been fighting a month or so ago and had just recently called a truce. Everyone was just starting to get along again again when a carless girl took her life from her.
Maybe she was late, maybe she just wasn't paying attention, maybe she was an inexpirienced driver... but because of this girls folly she has to live with herself... and for the rest of her life know that she killed my friend.
And the rest of us have to live with it too.

The police haven't released the girls names yet but they have told reporters that even though they hit Ash and then a tree the driver escaped with minor injuries to her wrist and the passenger was unharmed.

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