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Hakkai... walking the long road of denial.

Denial is a bad thing... but you know... too bad... it's what get's me through to another day.

You are like sleeping beauty
Only you will never wake
Your prince's kiss can't save you
From the sleep you undertake
But he'll come 'round to Heaven
Which is where you surely are
And you'll be there together
In a great and shining star
Your life was taken too soon
We all miss you so
Our tears fall like the raindrops
Our Prayers cover you like snow
In a silent blanket
So Glistening and pure
We love you so much Ashley
But somehow we must endure
Without your gentle laughter
Or your cheerful smiling face
There will never be another Angel
Quite like you in this place

I wish I could have had that poem ready for her funeral... but at the time all I had was "Back to the earth from which you came, our loss and God's gain..."
Which I couldn't make any more lines after that so the poem went in a different direction. will have a dedication page to or fallen friend Ashley so if anyone has any pictures or words that they want to contribute they can feel free to do so.

I've been playing alot of Final Fantasy 6 recently...
And may I say... DAMN do the random battles come in an alarming frequency! I take 2 freaking steps and I get attacked again!
T^T it's unfair I tell you.
at any rate... I can't wait until Saturday.
It will be a welcome release

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