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the day of bad smells...

>_< gah! some people smell so BAD...
This is one of the reasons I don't like working in a grocery store... especially Pick n Save because we are the cheapest store...
So in short almost everyone I checked out today was creepy, smelled.. was creepy and smelled... or smelled so bad I was trying not to breathe while I was checking them out.
Party was fun... I have no complaints there.
I drew the Sakuradai's today (Katsura and Lillidorins family) and I am trying to decide weather to put Sadi in the picture... she is Pai's mother but technically she never married Takeo. Why you ask? because she is a slutty half demoness who is the mother of many of my charicters.
It's a complicated story.
So by blood I suppose she's part of the family but I don't know if I want her in the picture.
I drew a few more pictures of Kaiya and Avaris but I don't like most of them so I went back to the old standard of the charicters from my 'trilogy'.
::snort:: Frusteration.

I had a really good dinner today... I amased myself by helping me mom make a bitching main dish out of leftovers.
Be proud of me.
MMmmm... I love food so much... it makes me sad inside to diet it really does.
hey guess what? its 03/03/03 today ^___^
that amuses me.
I want to go draw but I have to do some homework first.
Another thing that makes me very sad... homework. XD
Hmmm... so I guess what I have to look forward to is a Spaghetti dinner and then... Easter?

Dah! little note before I close... I got another of those damn Jesus pamphlets today! from the same freaking lady who gave it to me before! does she just not remember me or does she just really really think I'm going to hell?
I mean honestly... I remember her and I see how many people a day? I check her out every freaking time and she gives me another Jesus pamphlet! I could wrap a christmas present in Jesus pamphlets I swear!
(fun and practical?)
::snort:: anyway... off to the homework.

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