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IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I wont worry my life awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

oh how I butcher this poor song...
I love it though...

I said the remedy is the experience, this is a dangerous liasion. I says the comedy is that it's serious, and it's a strange enough new play on words. I says the tradgety is how your gonna spend the rest of your nights with the light on, s shine the light on all of your friends when it all amounts to nothing in the end!

lol... wow I was productive today... I drew 2 pictures and made some Tapioca pudding. The real kind too! not that wussy instant crap! I showed my mad pudding skillz!
I also didn't wake up until 11 x_x
the only thing I have actually done today that was semi-productive was laundry... but oh what a high impact chore that is... you get up... put clothes in the machine... then sit down and wait for an hour and a half while they wash and dry ¬¬

so basicaly I have wasted the day XD
but thats okay... I need to do that every once in a while... It helps to calm me down.

I finally got my new cd burning goodness so now I can burn cd's without them going to crap 3 times before they work.

Hmm... I want to start making my storys into comic panels soon... then I'l scan them and link my website to them and junk. but first I need a few more practice rounds on my backgrounds. ::nods:: yes indeedy...

Hmm... ::wonders what Raiel's hair and eye colors were because she managed to forget...::

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