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la la laaaa I found a new favorite movie ^___^

It's an odd little french film by the name of Wasabi.
Yes you heard it correct... a french film called Wasabi.

It's starring that guy from Godzilla (Luc Besson?) and he's this cop who was stationed at the french embassy in Japan and fell in love with a Japanese woman and they lived together until one day when she just left with no explination...
Now 19 years later he finds out she died and when he goes to the reading of her will he finds out he has a daughter who will inherit i think it was 200 million dollars on her 20th birthday (in 2 days). And the Yakuza are after her.
It's hilarious... at one point Luc Besson is playing DDR with 3 other Japanese kids.
Seriously... It's worth renting ^_____^

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