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Onegai Teacher... ::love::

Mmmm I love this series...
I saw the first manga yesterday at the mall and almost had a heart attack I yanked it off the shelf so fast.
I love Kei... he's so cute... and he plays into the whole sickly hero thing that I seem to love to write in my stories (coughKatsuracoughcough)
I mean...what?

...Oh I My Me Strawberry Eggs... you crazy gender bending series...
I wish there was more than just the 4 dvd's of that... but The ending was okay... I suppose...
::beats up the crazy vice principal bitch:: I mean.. ::cough::

I'm going to look for a used playstation2 again soon... possibly tommorrow... but if I can't find one I'll just wait and get one with my birthday money and waste my tax money on other things XD
Like clothes... or anime... ¬¬

Blarg!!! Still Sick x_x

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