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Yar... I'm a Pirate...

hee hee... today was suprisingly good... I decided randomly at work to start making Braclets with Molly so we did that XD
(Hey the Molly your bracelets are in my purse... I'll give them to you on thursday)
Me and the Molly partook of some good old fashioned Yaoi goodness and had a litte Fake fest before I took her home... it was good ::nods::
Aaaaaaaand... things. Yes... I have lost my train of thought... post again later I guess.

Oh yeah! After much deliberation I decided my first Online Comic will be based on the RPGing that sometimes goes on in my chatroom... either that or using those characters to depict some rather interesting events of my own life.
Yar... yesh

I want to see Pirates of the Carrebian (SP!).
I also want to buy the last Yami no Matsuei on Friday provided it is actually at best buy.

I feel alot better recently ^__^ Much happier.
Gee I wonder what the reason for that could be???

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