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::seething hatred::

You know what? Microsoft is the death of all divine creation.

All I'm asking for is some boxes and some lines... is that so hard? Honestly... all I want is a graph... just a little one... that I can make into a relationship chart for the characters of my original story...
Is that too much to ask?
Apperently to the genius people at microsoft IT IS...
::beats head against keyboard::


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Aug. 6th, 2003 08:50 am (UTC)
Dave the IT clone replies...
I understand your worries and disgruntlement. Microsoft has an amazing arsenal of software to do everything from convert tables into tabbed test to planning the mortgage of your home for the next 8 generations... but is sorely lacking in basic diagraming tools.

I've found that the best place to try to make diagrams and such is Microsoft Excel. For whatever reason, Excel's drawing tools seem to function more sensibly and are easier to lay out. (Anyone who's tried doing desktop publishing in Microsoft Word knows about the objects which try to move on their own to serve you better, only to appear on the next page never to return to their original location.)

After you create a new Excel spreadsheet -- if the drawing tools are not already on the screen -- Go to View (menu) > Toolbars > Drawing. Draw the boxes first, then right-click on each box to add text. Then position the boxes in the positions you want, and finally draw the arrows. One last note, before you start your drawing, go to File (menu) > Print Preview and then close the preview. The page edge will then appear on your spreadsheet. This makes it possible to place all your objects inside the confines of a sheet of paper.
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