Megan (cho_hakkai) wrote,

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rawr... trying to do too many things at once...

Trying to type up my story... trying to color my picture... trying to send pictures to other people... trying to talk to a million people at once >_O
It's just not working I tell you...

Sooo I saw Pirates of the Caribbean again today with my parents... and I made a new background that I'm thinking about using but I can't seem to tear myself away from my Yukino BG...
It's a very sad BG of Sei from MARS... just incase you were wondering ^__~

I was originally going to make it into an icon... but then the art got too small when I shrank it... so yeah ::nods::

sunlightwish ! What do j00 want your Mars BG to look like if you still want it... I can scan pictures or you can send me what you want or whatnot if you still want it.
If not thats okay too ^^; up to you don't ya know.

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