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EiriUesugi81: I guess being angsty and bitter really takes it out of you
Hakkuryu: yeah it does...
Hakkuryu: I'm always tired from angst
Angelsonnet25: -_-
Hakkuryu: lol
EiriUesugi81: ANGST
EiriUesugi81: BITTER
EiriUesugi81: CYNICAL
Angelsonnet25: so it's like ANGST!!! *thud!*
EiriUesugi81: abc....
Angelsonnet25: hehe
Hakkuryu: Angst, Bitter, Cynical, Depressed, Empathic, Fucked up, Grotesque
Angelsonnet25: pffit!
Hakkuryu: Hypocritical, Irate, hmmm.... J has me momentarily stumped
Hakkuryu: Jaded
Hakkuryu: K...k...
Angelsonnet25: X3
Hakkuryu: Kill is the only thing I can think of
Angelsonnet25: you sould put these on LJ X3
Hakkuryu: lol
Angelsonnet25: *should
Hakkuryu: skipping K for a second
Angelsonnet25: Kill could work
EiriUesugi81: the abc's on crack
Hakkuryu: Loathsome, Murderous,
Angelsonnet25: heheh
Hakkuryu: ...
Hakkuryu: ...Necropheliac O_o;
Angelsonnet25: o_O
EiriUesugi81: ....
Hakkuryu: ::thinks some more for a bettwer N::
Hakkuryu: Nasty
Hakkuryu: Opressive
Hakkuryu: Pessimistic
Hakkuryu: um... Q...
Hakkuryu: the only thing I can think of is... inapropriate
Angelsonnet25: quixotic (or is that happy-ish?)
Hakkuryu: thats happy
Angelsonnet25: drat
Hakkuryu: well...sort of
Hakkuryu: XD
Angelsonnet25: questionable?
Hakkuryu: ooo kk
Hakkuryu: Rancid
Angelsonnet25: *shrugs*
Hakkuryu: Slutty
Angelsonnet25: pffit!
EiriUesugi81: ...
Hakkuryu: Tramp
EiriUesugi81: that's the first thing that comes to mind?
EiriUesugi81: Slutty?
Hakkuryu: unappriciated
Angelsonnet25: what aboot stooopit?
Hakkuryu: ^^
Hakkuryu: Vile
Hakkuryu: Worthless
Hakkuryu: ...X-rated?
Angelsonnet25: -_- *thud!*
Hakkuryu: Xenophobic!
Angelsonnet25: anybody got a thesaurus?!
EiriUesugi81: I was just thinking that
Hakkuryu: um... Yucky...
Hakkuryu: >_<
Hakkuryu: y...y...y
Hakkuryu: yeah I'm gonna stick with Yucky...
Angelsonnet25: ^^;;
Hakkuryu: uh...z
Hakkuryu: ....
Angelsonnet25: ....
Hakkuryu: Zoo-worthy?
Angelsonnet25: Zealous
Hakkuryu: Ooooo
Hakkuryu: nice one!
Hakkuryu: woot!
Angelsonnet25: ^___^
Angelsonnet25: *is amused*
EiriUesugi81: I think I have a, b, and c covered for my anyway
EiriUesugi81: me*
Angelsonnet25: you started this....
Angelsonnet25: ^__6

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