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And the last vestiges of my Momo skin tone trails off down the drain with the last of the bathwater... and all it took to get rid of it was about 8 ponds makeup remover cloths, two filled bathtubs of water, the sacrifice of a shower pouf, an inch gone of my Green Tea shower gel, and one poor poor white towel.

And now I'm me again...

So incase that statement confused the hell out of you, I bought a blonde wig today and some professional makeup to darken my skin so that I could go as Momo to a costume party...
Now all I need is a blue plaid pleated skirt and a blue vest and some knee high black socks...
And I'm set!
Simple you might think but really not so much...

Oh! I also found the box set for the first season of friends for only 20$
Nice deal... ::nods::
Well, I'm off to play with the RPG maker ^^

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