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I was kinda blah today... but suddenly I think I made Cassie mad at me... which makes me feel amazingly bad.

I worked... I bought Fake 4 and Hana Yori Dango 2

I also started on a new series of pictures relating original characters of mine to emotions and such...

Faith - Anri Sahara (drawn)
Love - Tish Evergrace (drawn)
Desperation - Cyradis (drawn)
Loyalty - Bakuura
Sorrow - Turik Murai
Madness - Sadi
Fear - Magnus Augusta Redfield
Happiness - Pai Sakuradai
Intelligence - Katsura Miyagi
Trust - Keisuke and Chokei Tenyou
Strength - Lilliokyra Trisec
Power - Tarn
Corruption - Gedric Sanddor
Guilt - Kouji Li
Clarity - Te`k Keltreps
Responsibility - Karrel
Lonliness - Zandramas
Truth - Lelldorin Sakuradai
Devotion - Gabrial
Sacrifice - Lillidorin (Terra) Sakuradai
Nothingness - Rei
Hope - Pyxley
Kinship - Oroborous
Conflict - Kyra Darkstar
Denial - Aiko Li
Longing - Colleen Murai
Servitude - Avelon
Betrayal - Neo
Compassion - Kirin Lightsage
Humanity - Katja
Emotion - Tetriach
Curiosity - Himeko
Elegence - Shiva
Mystery - Rhzannon Densire
Sincerety - Kakeru
Loss - Belzeik
Pride - Kaliya Ryurik
Balence - Corrine and Dilan
Protection - Fiore, Wynn and Zora
Harmony - Orchid

Yeah so I have quite the picture list to make... lets see if I actually stick to it.

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