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What's Your Outlook on Life?

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moon goddess
Goddess of the Moon. You are usually somewhat sad
or solemn, but no one knows why. You love the
luminous glow of the moon.

What element are you goddess of? **for girls** **with pictures**
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Your anime hair color is white.

What is your anime hair color?
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Shina The Leapord- You turn into a FIERCE Leapord.
Intimidating from the start, ur not a chick to
be reckoned with! Your punches and kicks work
well together. Ur beast mode is strong, but ur
a large target. Ur first hyper beast mode takes
skill and timing. Outside, Ur an independent
girl who needs no help, ur the daughter of Gado
and definetly are a tough girl.

Which Bloody Roar: Primal Fury Female Are You?
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(side note... I hate it when people type like this person does)

Love Interest
Love Interest

What is your anime occupation? (pics)
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