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Final Fantasy X-2...27% complete

yes... yes... I am 27% complete with FFX-2 and I have only had it for like... 2 days ;¬¬
::cough:: anyway can I say how much I love Gippel? ^^
So... when I first saw the previews for this game I chose Nooj as my favorite character just based on what I had read about him...
...and everyone knows the rule right?
If I choose a favorite character he will either A)Go Crazy, B)Go Evil, or C) Die.
...Guess which one Nooj is...
Well I don't know for sure yet Nooj is turning out to be quite the evil little crap head. He's being all skulky and sneaking around, He's not really all that nice to Yuna, He's gone missing a couple of times when Yuna and the Youth League need him. He's dating LEBLANC (well... dating... using her to get more spheres...whatever... noone likes Leblanc anyway) and Baralai, the leader of the New Yeavon order, told me that Nooj can't be trusted...
...although that information did come from an New Yeavon-er so who knows how trustworthy it is... I mean I'm not realy all about the New Yeavon-ites, with the whole Hiding Vegnagun and some nasty little Aeons in the basement of the Bevelle temple and all.
Yeah... people blow...
...and speaking of people who blow, If Leblanc says the words "Noojie-Woogie" one more time I will be forced to kill someone...
...preferably her...
I LOVE Yuna's ultimate dress sphere... it's so pretty T_T
::cry: oh yeah... Leblanc lives in GUADOSALAM in Maester Seymours house!!!!
Fucking Leblanc and her creepy full sized hologram of Nooj! STALKER!
God I hate her! I hate her with an undying passion!
Brittany Spears wanna be Yuna punk!
Stop lusting over Nooj! It's creepy!

sooo... yeah I have some not so nice missions to go on next ::isn't loking forward to it::
Stupid Nooj and Baralai...
I'l teach you to go missing...
::shakes fist::

Hey if anyone figures out how to use the Gunmage dresspere enemy skil let me know... I can't seem to make it work.
Brother, Buddy and Shinra are cool!
YRP XD oh fun...
Love the game... Love it...
Oh aperently I've discovered that in certain circumstances I can read Al Behd XD Brother is kind of predictable so you can generally tell what he's saying even without the primers ^^;

Oh! and Jen, Mayvn isn't Nooj's first name... it's his Title... Like Maester only not in the Yeavon faith.

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