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Ha ha ha.... yeah

Soooo turns out I didn't have the surgery...
Wanna know why?
Because my dentist is a fucking lunatic. I asked him a question about getting knocked out for the procedure and he was all "Oh we dont do that here..."
So I was like... um... "what?"
And he proceded to tell me that not only do they not use sedation... they dont use nitrous either...
The only thing they use is Local... which is like... the same thing they do if their drilling your tooth for a filling.
Which Immediately sent me into a panic because that stuff DOSENT FUCKING WORK ON ME Half the time I can still feel pain.
So I was freaking out on the verge of tears and went out to talk to my mom who was all "They WHAT??? O_o;;;"
So we decided that I really don't need my wisdom teeth out that bad.

Sooo we went to an art store and Mayfair mall instead XD
A much better option if you ask me.
I found my new favorite store too... it's like another chain owned by Hot topic but it's for plus sizes (sizes 12-28)
God I need to go back there when I have money.

Sooo yeah XD Now I have a few days off... oh what ever shall I do?

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