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all I know of what happened is what I read in Andrea's journal... I wish I could have been there.

I miss Ash alot... I didn't know Kelly that well but I still feel really bad for her, she was always such a nice cheerful person and now she has to live wth this for the rest of her life.
On the other hand, at least she has a life.

I don't think a day goes by when I don't think about Ashley, sometimes It's a song, sometimes the way someone laughs...
sometimes it's just someone I see who has a passing resemblence to her.

Well the only happy thing about this day (IE Nick coming home) didn't work as well as one could have hoped...
He gave us the wrong info and we missed him completely... but at least I know he's home safe... he might come along shopping with me an David tommorrow... we'll have to see what happens.

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