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my paid account is going to expire in a few days... I should really get around to paying for another year nei? ^^;

Well I got a really good Idea for something to draw... but then did I? No... I turned on the computer so I could spend my time in a less productive mannor...
Ah well...
I actually got to talk to Lori at work today, which was pretty cool because I've never really worked with her for more than like 1 hour at a time so I never really talked to her before.

I wore the earrings I made today ^^
I feel like a psudo dork but thats okay... I like my webcomic and therefore felt like making them... (although from my update schedual you'd never know I like my comic ^^;)
...heh heh yeah... I realy should get to work on that...

I want to go out and socalize...
I want to go to BW3's again... that was fun
...even though I didn't get to drink like everyone else XD

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