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fuu fuu

wow busy busy busy...
Well I hung out... I drew... I made some new friends tonight at webbs XD
it was kinda sad tho because Fett was trying so hard to pick up the cute girl who's name escapes me at the moment, he was flirting and flirting and I pouted and said I wanted to flirt... and then after like an hour she's like "yeah and this is my girlfriend" and gestures to the girl next to her
I laughed really hard and said "SEE! I really SHOULD have been flirting!!!"
haha I feel bad for Fett tho.

I drew! I drew lots! Yays!
::does a little dance:: I even bought a little book specifically for the planning of this new story because I don't want to muck up NSDS with it's influences.

AAAAAHHHH I want to run around and do stuff!!!
and a digital camera...
I want to do stuff... and I want a digital camera...
that's what I want...

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