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Ooo I live

Heheh... I cant remember if I had written anything about crashing my car in here... but I did XD
I cracked my bumper and messed up my grill because I spun out on the snow a few days ago and hit a street sign snaping it off completely and sending it flying into the creek ^^;
The most embarassing part?
I was less that 2 blocks from my house.
how sad is that...
and not only that but my car beached itself on the snow so I had to call my dad and get him to push my car while I tried to back up... I saw a plow pull up and I thought the fucker was going to help me so I didn't call my dad right away... but the bastard just ignored me and salted the area where I lost control and drove away. I was like "HELLO?!?! am I not fucking here???? Is my coat not dayglow green enough for you???"
::cough:: anyway
I bought Le Bijoux, Kodacha: Sana's Stage 1-3, and Get Backers the other day as well as Infinate Ryvius 3 and The Twelve Kingdoms 4

God I love Shumai... have I mentioned that? I had the best fucking Shrimp Shumai today...
....mmmm.... shumai...
I also had some brown rice california rolls... I am a fan of the brown rice I have to say
I bought a big thing of Kashmir Green tea Latte but it's too sweet for me so I think I'l give it to Molly because she likes that as I recall.
Molly... remind me to request my vacation tommorrow XD
lol Like you'l be there
::shakes fist:: damn your suspention-ness
Mmmm I am all obsessed with this Anime Toonz cd...
Especially Virtual Hassigeku...
Mmmm techno

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