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What do we do when we have no money???

We spend it!!!
Yes thats right...
...spend it until we're broke.
and the shopping therepy continues...
Today I went to CD MAX and bought a shitload of crappy martial arts movies that I had never heared of... it all started when I saw one written directed and starring hot guy from Iron Monkey...
So now I have 3 new movies and I bought Castlevania: Lament of Innocence too
So who wants to have a shitty movie fest!
c'mon you know you want to!
Shitty martial arts are the best martial arts!!!

I also saw Lost in Translation today and holy crap was that a good movie... I'm so gonna have to buy that... you know... when I start getting paid again...
Mmmmm unemployment...
But Hakkai, you argue, don't you still have your second job at Suncoast?
Yes... yes I do... however said job only gives me like... 4 hrs a week and so I get about 45$ bi weekly... it's pretty sad. I only get paid 5.50 there but also I don't really consider talking about movies to people all day working so it kinda evens out XD
It was my extra spending money job... and now it's my ::sniff:: main sorce of income! (oh woe is me...)
but seriously... Quitting is gonna be the best thing ever! yes it is! I'm gonna not get a job till the end of march if I can help it because... quite frankly... sitting on my ass is a welcome and well needed break. AND WHEN I DO GET A NEW JOB it is sooooo not going to be in retail... or at least not in a grocery store... I have decided anything that requires me to wear a polo shirt or a smock can take it's open job position and shove it up its hole.
YES! Movin onward!
(and upward too dammit!)

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