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great googa mooga!

Christ was Malak a bitch to kill... I mean i know he was the main boss and all but come on people really!!!
He recharged his energy like 8 times when I got him to half life and I had to fight him ALONE (thanks alot Carth)
And Bastila can go to hell...
ah well...
As soon as I get my own computer working again (yes yes I know...) I want to team up with Neko-san and make my website beautiful!
That and I wanna review Texnolyze and Key the Metal Idol.
You know I wanted to get Texnolyze because I thought it looked cool... but then Jen told me that the end theme was sung by GACKT... so you might imagine how fast I ripped the box off the shelf.
ANYWAY, I'm sill all sickly today but I'm feelin better than yesterday so it can only be uphill from here right?
I drew an ADORABLE picture of Ranka and Deial today that I cant wait to post on the website as soon as I color it and I also finished a new panal of NSDS...
lol not that anyone's following it anymore it's been so long since I updated...

I'm so sorry to all my online friends! I miss you all! I'll be back soon!

...if I don't die of sickness ^^;
lol j/k j/k...
...or am I o_\\\

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