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Bwa ha ha...

With my website move loomin ever closer on the horizon I become giddy with the possibility of new crap I can do! Especially with dreamweaver the god instead of microsoft frontpage aka satan.

I had a jolly good cleaning day today but I probebly wont be online until later tonight (not my usual time) because I'm popping over to Nick and Tammy's for a while at 7 or so...

I made awesomely cool dinner tonight but also was a complete dumbass and managed to burn my lips (oww oww owwwwww!) so I've been walking around looking completely rediculous holding a cold can of pop to my face.

I'm becoming such a simulation addict... I got really into the sim's a while back (as you may remember) and suddenly upon cleaning my room I find all these really old sim games to play like Catz, Dogz, Oddballz and Creatures.
God I missed those games...

God I need a job XD
My mom told me I needed to get out of the house because I was getting "a bit loony" as she put it.
Haha... silly cabin fever...

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