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::sigh:: someday I'll stop bleeding...

::re-tapes her foot AGAIN:: Mother fucker...

Tenkay how you taunt me! Man I love that comic...
I think I'm going to start trying to color my NSDS pages in for a little while... at least through Wraiths dream. ALSO I will soon be attempting my very first Yaoi comic.... yeeees very very soon now... ::plots evil plots with teh molly::

::yaaaaaaaaaawn:: Yeah I still have a pile of manga on my bed from when I was cleaning and orginizing and then gave up when I started BLEEDING... but yeah I'm too lethargic to do anything about it right now XD so when I go to bed I'll most likely just shove it onto the floor... (so much for a clean room)

I plan! I plan so very much! But none of it will actually get excecuted until I
A) become fluent in dream weaver
and 2) have a conferrence with Dave about the site.
I am so excited about all the perspective new features for the website! But I'm going to be in Saukville at a rendevous with Nick and Tammy this weekend so updates might not come for a little while.
::cough:: stupid not living next door to everyone...

AAAAAAANYWAY, I'll update again soon assuming I dont bleed to death ^__^

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