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A to Z Survey

A - Age: 21
B - Band listening to right now: Red Hot Chili Peppers
C - Career in future: Cartoonist
D - Dessert of choice: Mango Mochi
E - Easiest person to talk to: Christal, David, Dave
F - Favourite song at the moment: Fortune Faded
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy Worms
H - Hometown: Springfield, Il
I - Instruments: Violin, Piano, Trumpet
K - Kids: Hells yeah! Twins if I can help it!
L - Longest car ride ever: Moving my brother to Texas
M - Moms name: Mary
N - Number of siblings: 1 my brother Nathan
P - Phobias: Heights
Q - Favourite Quote: haha I have so many
R - Reasons to smile: I wonder sometimes
S - Song you sang last: Fortune Faded
T - Time you woke up: 11:00am
U - Unknown fact about me: Hmm, I don't know that there are really any that I havent told that I would want to tell now ^__~
V - Vegetable you hate: Lima Beans! God I hate them! those and brussle sprouts.
W - Worst habit: Thinking too much and judging others too harshly
X - X-rays you've had: one on my finger when I broke it
Y - Yummy food: Mmmm anything Japanese
Z - Zodiac sign: The Boar

  • To sum up today...

    >o< !!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go home so very bad. Today sucks and blows. Just thought everyone should know.

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