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because sometimes I amuse even myself...

Hakkuryu: but I cannot cut my hair! It came to me one night n a dream that our great lord Rulbaru decended from heaven above with his flowing hair... hair that flowed like many many waves of grain... the grain that is sung about in america...
KamiyaKaoru81: REALLY???
Hakkuryu: and he told me Ayame you cannot cut you hair! it is the sorce of my power and if you cut it I will perish and our people will never know peace and all will come to ruin!
KamiyaKaoru81: That's so cool!
PurpleWizardOD: Aww...Aya-kun YOUR ROYALITY!?!
Hakkuryu: Oh no! I said what could this mean? are you telling me that I am an alien and that cutting my hair will cause the armogeddon?? will it really end the lives of all the little people down on the planet? little poeple who laugh and
Angelsonnet25: ... ^_^
Hakkuryu: play and drink milk! not that 2 percent crap but real milk the kind that comes from cows! cows like Hatsuharu! cows that have great and flowing mains and chew on amber waves of grain... not the kind in america but some new and
Hakkuryu: magnificent kind of wheat, some wheat not yet discovered by man!
Hakkuryu: Yuki: Get out. ^_^
Angelsonnet25: where is this comming from?
Angelsonnet25: Fruits Basket?
Hakkuryu: it's me being Ayame Sohma
Angelsonnet25: ah lol
Hakkuryu: Fruits basket you say?
Hakkuryu: What kind of fruit? is it the magicam Paopao fruit? you know I hear one day from a magicat trasmission beemed directly into my brain by my lord that Paopao can cure any aliment! absolutely anything! oh that i could have a taste of
Hakkuryu: it once more! I would never have to dream these dreams... dream about aligators and crouquet... that accursed game... the devil invented crouquett you know... it's tru they plau it down in hell and laugh at the foolish humans who
KamiyaKaoru81: ¬¬ Ayame...
Hakkuryu: think it was invented as a fun pasttime that..... Yeeeeeeesssss Ha-chaaaaan ^^
KamiyaKaoru81: that's enough...
KamiyaKaoru81: let's go
Angelsonnet25: ^^
PurpleWizardOD: Okay bye-bye
Angelsonnet25: bye?
Hakkuryu: Ja byebye ::flounces off::
Angelsonnet25: lol flounce!
PurpleWizardOD: I LOVE AYA-kun

::snort I love fruits basket... and I love Ayame... and I love acting like Ayame...

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