June 16th, 2002

Hakkai - Past


okay...so this would be my first entry i suppose... ^_^
Yuichan turned me on to this and it seems rather cool so i decided what the hell...meet some new people...let everyone know who this Megan person is who Lucy is always talking about XD
dur...um my brain has turned off for the night...i have to go to Illinois tommorrow >_< you can tell how excited i am about it too...yay... -_-;;
but anyway...all i really have to say is HI! and JOWY ATREIDES COME BAAAACK!!!!!!the games just not the same without you T-T...
darn that suikoden II and its addicting ways...
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Hakkai - Past


Acursed internet server!!!why wont you find Animelyrics.com?!?!
i...grr!!! for the last hour or so i have been trying to get to that web page and ....gar!!!it just wont work! i dont think i have been this pissed at my computer since KaZaA started freezing it!!!
;_; it just isn't fair i tell you...
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