August 7th, 2002

Hakkai - Past


Dah! Curse you internet!
My connection is so hinky! what the hell?
Bah! and other various noises you might hear coming from an exasperated Vegeta-esque person!
well i hope Abby isnt sad because it cut me off T_T
If im lucky i will get an interview with the employment agency for a full time job... I have decided to hold off on UW Waukesha and go for the prize... MIAD...
I plan on working full time in an office or something until I have enough money to go to art school.
I will be a comic artist! Just you wait and see!
I will be an animator dammit!
Hoi.... i think i will make some new backgrounds... ^_^ i find it fun even though im not super at it...
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    Miraculous Spiral Gekijou! (Revolutionary Girl Utena)