November 6th, 2002

Hakkai - Past

Oh hohoho!

::goes chibi Xelloss::

Which Slayers Character are you?

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Xelloss Metallium: Xelloss is often known as the Trickster Priest. He is one of the monster race. One of the 5 special monsters to be given special powers of unimaginable altitude! He is very strong but never uses his powers. On the rare account he better not mess with him. With one flick of his finger, millions of golden dragons were killed in the battle between the monsters and dragons. Xelloss often likes to create trouble and loves negative energy like all monsters. In the try series he loves to annoy Filia, a golden dragon. The two hate one another and fight constantly! Xelloss often creates havoc and the following is his usual response: "Sore Wa Himitsu Desu" "Now that's a Secret", roughly translated. (Xelloss is so cute and cool) In Try you see more of Xelloss. Xelloss sometimes helps out Lina and the gang, but sometimes he has to listen to his orders.

X3 like I dont annoy my friends enough with my constant Xelloss Impressions XD
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