May 12th, 2003

Hakkai - Past


I'm so... rawr...

Yeah... I watched FAKE today because... well... I'm just on a little Fake kick because the next Peachgirl wont come out until July or june or something and King of Bandits Jing dosent come out until June neither does Gravitation or Furi Kuri (actually I think Furi Kuri dosent come out until september)
but... yeah
I want the next INVU but who knows when thats coming out.

okay... enough Manga obsessing.

I went to the dentist today and spent about 1/2 an hour filling out paperwork for my new insurence. (by the way my new dentists building is kind of... ghetto looking on the inside. It kind of scares me) So then I met my new dentist who I think may have just turned TWELVE.
I was being waited on by frickin Doogie Howser I'm telling you.
Then they informed me that I have no cavities (yay!) and that I have to have all my wisdom teeth pulled the next time I come in (not this next cleaning session but the time afterwards)(oh yeah by the way... BOO!)


I need to draw something cool...
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