August 6th, 2003

Akito - Pissed

:weeps bitterly::

Oh dear god... it's the worst thing I have EVER seen ;___;
Saiyuki English Dub...
It's... it's so WRONG!!!
All of the jokes are Gojyo calling Goku a "fag" and vice versa and Sanzo never once says "do you want to die" or "I'll kill all of you"
And Hakkai... my poor Hakkai... he has such a WRONG voice >_<

Nothing will ever be as wrong as this english dub! NOTHING I TELL YOU!!!
I'm traumatized for life T_T
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Akito - Pissed

::seething hatred::

You know what? Microsoft is the death of all divine creation.

All I'm asking for is some boxes and some lines... is that so hard? Honestly... all I want is a graph... just a little one... that I can make into a relationship chart for the characters of my original story...
Is that too much to ask?
Apperently to the genius people at microsoft IT IS...
::beats head against keyboard::
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Hatsuharu - Tired

rawr... trying to do too many things at once...

Trying to type up my story... trying to color my picture... trying to send pictures to other people... trying to talk to a million people at once >_O
It's just not working I tell you...

Sooo I saw Pirates of the Caribbean again today with my parents... and I made a new background that I'm thinking about using but I can't seem to tear myself away from my Yukino BG...
It's a very sad BG of Sei from MARS... just incase you were wondering ^__~

I was originally going to make it into an icon... but then the art got too small when I shrank it... so yeah ::nods::

sunlightwish ! What do j00 want your Mars BG to look like if you still want it... I can scan pictures or you can send me what you want or whatnot if you still want it.
If not thats okay too ^^; up to you don't ya know.
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