September 30th, 2003

Aiko Li - Smile

Holy Frigid forefathers Batman! It's fuckingly cold outside!!!

O_o Gah!
So goddamn cold!

So yeah... things have been going considerably better ever since Cassie's party thingie.
::nods:: Yesh
I have a set costume Idea for Teh party coming up...
Oh yeah... and I bought DDRMAX2 two days ago
Holy fuck is that a good game!
My only complaint relates to the many different kinds of that Horrid christmas song.
Lord I hate that song.

But yeah! Holy shit thats an awesome game!
Christal and me have only been playing it for a few days and we have unlocked all but... 9 things I think.
Cool cool...
Oh yeah... the DDR people must have been sitting aroung going... you know... MAX300 just isn't hard enough... I know! Lets speed it up... make it go backwards... ERASE THE ARROW BAR... make it longer, slow it down and speed it up randomly, and add freeze arrows and call it MAX Unlimited!
Yeah thats a great Idea!!!

::Megans brain explodes::

Also I got the 3rd FAKE and the 2nd Confidential Confessions
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Kaiya - Cute

::puts on 7 layers of clothing::

Even spontanious human combustion is sounding good right about now!

Oh and by the way... I get off school at 9 tonight if anyone wants to join Juan and me in a DDR obsessed fit
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    Heaven - DJ Sammy and Yanou featuring DO