October 8th, 2003

Hatsuharu - Tired


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Today was my last day of classes (hooray!)
And I got a D+ in Math.... (Boo...)

Which Suxxors because I had a B average on quizzes... I just bombed most of the tests... and there were 6 quizzes for every one test so you would think... but no... apperently it dosent work like that...
...not that I would know seeing as I'm all Math cappy...

I can raise that to a C if I go in this thursday and somehow manage to pull a 90% or higher miraculously out of my butt on a retake for a test that I bombed...
...I wanna say I'm capable of that but in all honesty... my mom dosent seem to care that I got s D+ and quite frankly I couldn't give two rats asses... so... yeah

Woo! I'm out of school!
Go me ^__^;

Naw... I'll probebly end up going and trying to make a spectacular ass of myself by retaking that test and bombing it again.
But whatever...

...I have all day tommorrow off... ::Pokes Fatespinner:: You wanted to do something Nei?

Nya Nya Nya... I'm so.... not enthusiastic right now...
Gah stupid Math... that last test made me want to stab myself in the face with my pen just so I'd have a legitimate excuse to not do it anymore.
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