March 3rd, 2004



::waves to sphinx526 :: hello there!
I notice most of our friends are mutual ^^ did you go to West?

Weeeeeell interesting news today... I quit my Job.
Not the one at Suncoast mind you... Pick n Save
DuWayne the evil demon spawn from hell decided to be a dick and started yelling at me and telling my I was stupid and a bad worker and I should be grateful I had my job and bla bla bla and then when I got mad because frankly I havent really done anything wrong... and I've been here for like 3 years and pencil dick DuWayne has only been here a few months... but I was really PMS-y today and so when he started to threaten me I got so upset that I lost it totally and yelled "FINE! I QUIT! FUCK YOU!!!" at him and slammed the office door yelling "I hate this goddamn place" on my way out... yeah... I'd say I'm effeciantly fired.

hahaha I can't believe I did that. I totally freaked out on him but in my defence I did put up with about 30 minutes of yelling and putdowns before I snapped. Seriously... all this about a schedualing conflict between my 2 jobs.
There is going to be a seriously nast letter to the union about lard butt Duwayne... let me tell you...
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