February 16th, 2005

Kyou - Past

I had a feeling that I belonged... I had a feeling I could be someone...

Ugh, well now I know David and I arent the only people who are gettintg damn sick of our art class... a bunch of people were grumbling today... one kid actually walked out.

Honestly though... just how many times can you draw the same goddamned skeleton?

I'm not so unhinged today, I just have that kind of hollow feeling where sadness should be... not suprising, I know I deal with pain this way ^_^;
I have been told it's not healthy... but you know what? neither is sitting in your house crying or cutting your wrists so you'll feel physical pain instead of mental pain... this is how I mourn so if you don't like it... to bad... deal.
If I want to talk to you about it I will... if I don't please take the hint or I wont be held responsible for my actions ^_^

if you don't want to know dont click.
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and that was my obligitory depressing post for the time being, I'm pretty sure I covered it all so please attempt to refrain from asking me about it.
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