March 29th, 2005



Fuck you L Word... making me all sad in the middle of the day ;__;

I still cant find the sims 2... which could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at's good because if I cant find it I cant play it obsessively... it's bad because I WANT TO PLAY IT.

You know what I really should be doing is reserch for my next english paper... too bad I'm a lazy fuck and I'm going to put it off like I always do.
I registered to win a cruise for 2 today... just for shits and grins... it was on the end of the dvd for L Word.

Hey has anyone played KoTOR2?
Is Malachor V the last planet? because it would blow if I'm at the end of that game and I never got Atton to Admit he loves me ^___^
haha I'm a big girl that way... I already know that Diciple loves me but he's not the one I want to admit it dammit!

Oooooh I got new shoes! they're like these orangy red KangaROO's!
I havent had KangaROOS since I was like... 5.
...I'm just the coolest kid on the block now.
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