April 26th, 2005

Kazuya Fukai

Beauty in the Breakdown...

my pet!

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So I got sooooooo sick this weekend I was asleep the entire day on sunday randomly punctuated by when I would throw my phone across the room for daring to ring and wake me from my nyquil enduced stupor.
I thought breifly of changing my text message ringtone after I got like my 6th text message of the day. The blues Clues "We just got a letter" song was wearing a little thin after the 6th time it woke me up.

I had a long talk with Dr Dean today, I told him I was going to take his Philosophy of Religion class... then he asked if I was enjoying my Asian Philosophy class. I told him I was enjoying it enourmously (which I am) in spite of the fact that I'm getting a shit grade in that class. I apologized for my shitty work and told him that I work 2 jobs, he was suprised and said he would take that into consideration despite the fact that I asked him not to. Although I want a better grade I dont want a pity grade.
He said I had some excellent Ideas even though my thoughs in my classwork were somewhat... then he trailed off and I finished with "underdeveloped? Yeah I know..."
If nothing else I think I raised my intellegence level and self awarness level in his eyes which makes me happy because he's like my favorite teacher. He seemed suprised that I knew my work was undeveloped and halfassed and owned up to it... which makes me wonder what kinds of people take his class most of the time.
In all honesty who in gods name would think that a 7:45 Asian Philosophy class would be a fluff class?
I want to meet this person because they are fucking insane. lol

I drew another installment of ImadokiKyo... which I'll post right now while I am thinking about it...

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Fuu fuu fuu.
and just like that I am off again to be busy ;__;

Oh! wait wait! I got the first season of Superman the 90's cartoon for 17$
And we have a date for Lois and Clark season 1...
And Kodocha: Sana's Stage....
and like 6 other things I want to reserve...
Mmmmmmmm anime....

I really want to buy lemony snickets: a series of unfortunate events...
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