July 31st, 2005

Yuki - Love

Anyone perfect must be lying...

I got a new phone!
Behold my love for it... ::love love::
...behold 0_\\\

It is so pimp I could almost cry... I downloaded alot of new ringtones for it on a random whim and I wish really hard that I could find a way to ransfer my ringtones from my old phone because the guy at the sprint store... while being really hot and asian... was a giant cock and wouldn't spend the time neccessary to transfer them over for me.
he was like "oh the computer isn't reconizing it yet even though it's only been like 30 seconds... therefore I cant do it because I'm a giant cock. So sorry."

Therefore I had to reenter EVERYONES number again and it took an hour and suxxored.

I also went to PetCo (where the pets go..) and cried a little when i saw that turtles are expensive as fuck... Petco was cheaper than the other stores I have been to because there turtles were like 90$... petco was 45$ because they were half off (presumably because they're old)

Then David and I went to CD Max where we bought a random Japanese horror movie and some cd's... some of which are new... some of which are comically old (oh LFO I remember when you were popular for like 5 seconds...)

New ringtones and who they are assigned to!

Boondock Saints Prayer - Kristy
Dearest - Katie
Inner Universe - Juan
Totoro theme - Dave
Hikari - David
Pirates of the Carribean theme - Molly
Timone doing the hula - My Mom

w00t w00t
::should really be going to bed right now because she has to wake up for work tommorrow::
::is really going to read her friends page instead::
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