August 10th, 2005

Miho - Stare

I need to make an Imadoki Kyo button

I have just decided this...
I am going to make a cute button and I need to know if anyone else wants to be in it before I make this button and if so what you want to look like... Katie and Dave this means j00 0_\\\

Yeah but as is I am going to make the button with Miho, Kei, Andy, Hunter, Daniel, and Maileigh
if you feel you are going to make enough appearences in Vol 2 of Imadoki Kyo (I decided to print them out 15 comics to a book if anyone wants one let me know) then let me know (and do some damn funny stuff while you're at it! j/k j/k)
I kind of want to make a button that will link to the comic so I can be a shameless self promoter and put it up in all my journals to link them to the comic.
and you know what? I just realized I cant count... I was counting one of my "lame excuses" comics as a IK so really there are only 14 comics... but OH WELL
too bad I can't count... so sorry...

::waits crangstilly for David to call her back as she had made plans with him earlier in the week::
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