October 5th, 2005

Shii-ann - Smile


I got mad at someone today who I probebly should have but you know what? I'm entitled to my opinion too so enough on that subject.

Paul brought me soup last night <3 <3
How nice is he? Anyway I felt good enough to go to school and wound up being totaly unprepared... I have a report due in english on a topic that I dont have the book for (oops)
Whatever I'll go to the library or something... apperently I dont work today in complete contrast to what I though but you know I'm kinda okay with that...
I have to go out and buy Eiri-san her Brithday present...
I finished my new drawing for the art challenge and found myself woefully behing x_x Ack! Too challenging!
Well I would post it but Photobucket is being a fucker and it's not working today.
::shrug:: what can I say...
I watched Sorority Boys today and got to oogle Michael Rosenbaum with hair. Ooo so sexy! lol

Ooooh also Paul brought We <3 Katamari over last night too and I got to play it ^__^ I got him obsessed with Katamari Damacy and now I want the new one so freaking bad... it's gonna be tough spenging my cash on you eiri-san instead of We Heart Katamari. hee hee hee

you know what the worst part about being sick is? I's not the coughing or the sneezing... it's sweating... I cannot stand being sweaty... it drives me freaking insane... i feel dirty and smelly when I sweat and I dont like doing it dammit! lol I would rater be freezing than sweating which is kind of Ironic seeing as I whine terribly when I'm cold as many of you can attest to.

ANYWAy I have 3 new Imadoki Kyo but not urge to color them quite yet... well one is technically a Momo Tante jab at me again but whatever it's all comics...

Seeing the huge FF buzz lately made me want to dig out a little fanfiction that I wrote ages ago about sephiroth... I think I may make it into a little comic thing and post ti when complete... but only then ^_~ it will take me some reserch to get the layout of Mideel down again which I can only perform once I have gotten my game back from... um... Molly I think?
O_o who did I lend that to?

I have also been watching all the dvd's I have accumulated lately but havent watched and let me tell you... Samurai Gun is the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. I feel ripped off by it and I got it for FREE. That is such a fucking shitty series... if any of you actually liked it I would be happy to give it away to someone. I only have the first dvd but I thought it was craptasic.

::goes to check her forums on otaku6::

Ja nei
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