November 1st, 2005

Miho - Thinking

I can not help it if I think you're funny when your mad...

Ha ha a Barenaked Ladies song reminded me of David for some reason...
All I have left today is art class and to possibly work out at cardinal with my mom
you know whatever fucker invented D2L should be set aflame... I tried all last night to get on and it would let me on... this morning it let me in but wouldn't load the sorce questions I needed... so I was woefully unprepared for my exam today... I fact was singing "I bombed that test... I bombed that test" to the tune of joy to the world as I walked to my car.
Mmmm Gorillaz make it all better... ::dances like Noodle::

So I've been working on a... well I guess you'd call it a fanfiction for our TMRPG characters lately... I just got to a part where Kaze was having a heated argument with Lai about Nobuhiko in which Kaze eventually yells "Because we're friends!" at Lai and Lai is all o_o "...we are?"
I thought it was funny... and a little cute that the two of them would be forced to realize that even though most of their time is spent fighing with each other they really are pretty good friends
Or at least they are the way I keep writing them lol
Plus I keep writing stories in which Kaze is macking on Lai's twins sister Kali and she's not exactly apposed to it lol
haha plus Kaze saves Lai's life in this story which Katie will be able to gloat over for many a situation to come once she reads it.

Booo I need money... I still havent paid that parking ticket which will result in some craptastic consiquences if I dont pay it this week... hopefully nothing will cause me to overdraft and I'll have enough money to pay that and the 100$ I owe the school...
...and the 100$ fee for next semester...

I think I might actually work on North Star, Dark Star today.... I know I'm very hot and cold with that comic but it's just so much easier to make snarky little Imadoki Kyo comics lol
well reguardless I need to take a shower now so ja nei!
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