December 4th, 2005

Cruel Love


too busy all the time is no fun...
I havent updated because I havent had time to clean my room and therefor could even reach my cpu until... um tonight...

Take it if you dare but I was feeling really obscure when I made it lol

§I need more affection than you know§ Mmmm backwards utada
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Nobuhiko & Kali - Peace

Mmm I'm such a quiz Whore lately

I put up a new quiz relating to the characters in my story that I base on myself
Mmmm just working on new Imadoki Kyo because Isarian-kun mentioned that I havent lately and I felt bad ::shame::
haha nothing like good old fashined scolding to force lazy manga artists into action XD
come talk to me on aim!
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    Passion - Utada