September 19th, 2006

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big old adult job...

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So I've been at my big bad adult job for a whole two days... and I already wish I haden't promised Office Depot I would stay as long as they need me... because I totally dont want to work there anymore...
Office jobs are so much easier and less bitchy.
I have more good Idea's for Imadoki Kyo and I actually have the time and energy to draw them out.
Go me!
::pat on the back::
all in all this job makes me feel alot better about myself and it will really help Eric and I financially... like we'll actually be able to afford things like a vaccum... a Hair dryer for me... gas for the car... and I'll be able to start paying my car payments again which is a plus for me because I feel like a stupid asshole letting my parents pay them for me. I can't stand not fufilling financial obligations ::shudder:: deugh.
Also I have been hearing from people I havent heared from in a realy long while... like I got a message from Tony and Paul the other day and sent one back, I saw Andy today at Noodle and Co... I met a new David who is only a year older than me (he's the only other person in my office who's not my mom's age lol) K-chan and I have been hanging out again (oh god Kristy I love you...) Now all I need is for my suspention to be up so I can go back to school and my life will be right as rain again.
I'm going to open up a secondlife store (as in a store in second life) with Dave and we will sell things that rock that we made together, if you have secondlife you should go there... and buy things... when we open.
Jen: lemme know what you wanna sell and I'll make you a kiosk, k?

Hey hey anyone have a membership at Cardinal Fitness? Cause now that I have a regular schedual I am going to work out at least twice a week ^_~
Thats right... I'm gonna be schmexy and in shape ::pose::
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