October 31st, 2006

Kyoshirou - Why me?


I can't finish my job until I get more 1/3rd cut tabs... and since I can't leave the front to go and get them...
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On a different note... why are people here so freaking scared of answering machines? Seriously it's not like it's going to steal your soul... here's like every conversation I've had in like the last 30 minutes

Me: "Associated Financial Group, how may I direct your call?"
Person: "Hi is Mr. Soandso there?"
Me: "Oh I'm sorry it looks like Mr. Soandso has stepped away from his desk can I direct you to his voicemail?"
Person: "Uh...no... um... that's okay I'll just try back later...*click*"
Me: "..."

Seriously... don't you think it would be much more productive to just leave a message so the person knows you called? I mean even if you were going to call back you don't know when he's going to get back and you might just get me saying the same thing again to you... And what if he gets back like 10 seconds after you hang up he would know to call you back right away instead of you waiting an hour and maybe not catching him again? I mean Brokers are in and out of the office all the time they can be waiting for your damn call X0

fuu fuu fuu
Yeah I'm all kinds of messed up today... I had an allergy attack at Nicks party that sheparded in a mild bout with the flu... also known as the LONGEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE...
Oh my GOD I swear I dont think I got more than 5 minutes of sleep at a time everytime I moved I couldn't stop shivering yet I was so freaking hot I couldn't stand to be under the blankets (but I stayed under them... I know better than that) and my head hurt and my throught hurt... also I perpetually needed water... like ever hour I got up to go pee and drink another glass of water. *I feel bad for Eric I think I may have kept him up with my getting up and laying down and whimpering (which I am embarassed to say I think I did quite a bit of) I went to bed at 11 that night and when 6:30am or so finally rolled around I called my mom crying to tell her I wasn't going to make it to work and could she please tell the day receptionist for me? She told me to take some Ibuprofin and any NyQuil I might still have in the cabinate (I haden't taken the NyQuil because I didn't want to sleep through my alarm if I was going to go to work monday (silly girl) although I don't know why I didn't think to take Ibuprofin... apperently I get a mild form of retardation/dementia when sick. So I drugged myself up and passed out on the futon for 20 minutes or so... then moved back to the bedroom where I slept until 2 when my mom called to check on me. I dont remember what I said but apperently I told her something about the bank and needing to send in my rent check... which while being true I didn't remember telling her. Then I slept until 5 when I decided I wanted food. I put some Mozarella sticks in the oven... then promptly fell asleep and burned them... but I ate then anyway XD
Then I took stake on the futon and began to watch Smallville until 11 when I went to sleep again.

I'm reletively okay now (with a sturdy regimin of Ibuprofin) I just feel like I'm partially Deaf and my head is packed with cotton... or snot...
or cottoney snot...
Reguardless the day receptionist was chasing me around with disenfectant wipes and spray.

I shall be on second life tonight, I dont want Jace and Aei to think I died or something lol.
Peoples should come on ::wink wink::
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