November 28th, 2006

Riku - All for you


I am so afraid that they're going to kill off Peter...
...and you know why?
Because I like him...
And everyone who knows me in real life knows that me liking a character in ANY show is a death warrent for

It seems like in every show I'm like "Ooooh I love that guy!" they they die... or turn evil... or go insane...
I'm telling you I'm bad primetime tv luck.

My dad is convinced that Heroes hyped everyone up like "Oooooh someone's gona die next week... OOOOOOOOO" and then they're just going to Kill off Issac like Hiro saw in the future and we'll all be like "...well damn."
ha ha it would be funny if they killed of Claire and then Future Hiro came back like "Goddamnit Peter! I told you to save the cheerleader!!" and Peter would be all o_o "UM? I did! I swear!"

I laughed so damn hard at the Back to the future reference I can't even tell you... I dont know how many of you caught this but when Present Hiro called to talk to Ando and Past Hiro answered the phone... Present Hiro hung up and was all o_o "Great Scott..."
aaaaah back to the future... I'm a nerd...

Sylar is really tall.

[the following is cut not for length but for content. I talk about Sylars powers in the following cut tag and I dont want to hear people whining about how I ruined the story for them because they didn't know]
Collapse )

and yes I am fully aware of the irony of bitching about Blog boy and chat man in my blog but... oh well lol
they can deal XD

I got my first large project today at work, I'm actually excited.
It's kind of sad however because the list of things I am writing on my wrist to make sure I don't forget is growing and growing... pretty soon it's going to look like I have one of those gauntlet tattoo's
I'm kind of glad my mom is pto this week... saves me the worry of getting mocked for writing on myself... my tendency to be a little flaky in the memory gets me in trouble tho so I have to write on me because I wont remember to take the note I write for myself otherwise.
If that makes any bit of sense.

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Trimmed my friends list removing people who dont have me listed as friends... this evidently including Ben who for some obscure reason dosent like me anymore.
If I hated everyone who cancelled on plans with me I wouldn't have any friends so
whatever... his perogetive... dosen't worry me none.

I was getting a little paranoid about some of the stabs that seemed to be at me but oh well.
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god damnit...

Thank you Livejournal... thank you very much...
::shakes head::
I am so freaking happy that no one realy listens to the receptionist shpeel... what used to piss me off at retail stores (the fact that people aren't really listening and give you a generic response reguardless of wether it actually matches what you asked... "Can I help you find anything?" "yes I'm fine." "...") has now saved my ever loveing ass from horrible embarassment.
I was reading my friends page and someone had written "I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL"
...this is what I saw right before I answered a call...
...the result?

"Associated financial group, how may I direct your soul?"

thaaaats right folks.
Not how may I direct your call... how may I direct your soul.

::stabs self in face::
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