November 30th, 2006

Lex - Smooth

And now your feature film starring: Gristle Thornebody and Big Mc Largehuge!

I'm feeling rather ambitious.

Hey Livejournal friends... because I see em all over teh place I thought I'd participate
If you would like a christmas card OR...OR... a picture drawn and colored by meeeee's leave me a comment wit your addy and I'll mail it to you's
(or if you dont want me to know you'r address and you just want a picture leave me a comment and I'll post it on here for you)
Comments will be screened so everyone can't see your addy.

yeah that's right... I'll make you a purdy picture...
I will either draw a character you choose or just make up a random one for you...
Hey K-chan remember when I drew a bunch of pictures of you with anime characters you liked?
ha ha ha I should do that again some day...

I finished my new Jace picture... but havent seen Jace since I finished it so ;__; he hasn't seen it yet.
I'll prolly upload it and post it in here when I get home tonight... if I remember lol.
Some day I will post new Imadoki Kyo... I swear I'm not just teasing you Thomas... I really do have 3 new

Collapse )

I need to get a list of the names from that mst3k episode...
Punch Rockgroin!
Lex - Sea Monkeys

Mmmm lunch.

Ain't nothing better than reheated tempura leftovers...
...well actually there are a lot of things better... but hey at least it's not a sharp stick in the eye.
The shrimp shrunk to half their size when microwaved XD
I know I'm going to regret this later however seeing as I have been eating more healthy recently so my body's going to be like "OMGWTF Fried!!!???"

I don't know if I mentioned this earlier but Asiana (new asian fusion resturant in Pewaukee) is the SHIT! Its beautiful inside and the food is so good... just... Mmmmm
And the 10$ drink I got was the shit too... I'm trying to remember what was in it... I think it was Peach Nectar, Calpis, Sake, and something else... maybe grenadine? Reguardless it was SUPER alcoholic but somehow not in a disgusting way... I was like "omg alcohol flavor... but for some reason I dont hate it..."
Ah Sake I heart thee.
Oh yeah... the wait staff is really hot too... that dosent
Molly and I got a Green River roll (eel,crab,avacado,seaweed,rice and Sweet eel sauce I believe) which was awesome... then I ordered Shrimp/avacado/sweet potato Tempura and Molly got the Nabeyaki (which was awesome... and had the little fish cakes and everything XD) and to finish it off Molly got green tea icecream and I got Red Bean Mochi.
That was the best damn food I've had in a long while.

I'm probebly going to stop by my parents house tonight to do some laundry and try to seduce them into watching Superman Returns because I loves it...
No matter how much Eric and his new friend mock it ;__;
Ah... Kevin Spacy I love you.

you want to hear something sad? A few days ago at work I got so bored I made a double sided Katakana/Hiragana quick reference sheet... and then I started trying to translate some of the song names for Hikaru Utada's old cds... I was rather proud of myself actually... I translated 2 all by my lonesome without any help ^_^

Yeah... I'm going to go fart around somewhere else for the rest of my lunch... I'm just rambling now..