December 6th, 2006

Eye of Trowa

Prison Break for the win!

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I got Molly hooked on it now too... muah hahaha
Some time this week I'm gonna see K-chan and she will no longer be a Prison Break cherry then ^_~
Oh yeah... I gave up on downloading it and just went to CD Max and bought the first season for like 20$
Which actually saved me money even though I have downloaded up to the episode "Old Head" already.
I also picked up the first season of The 4400 for a mear 7$... god I love second run stores XD

I was thinking about The 4400 actually... I think possibly the reason I started watching Heroes was because I liked The 4400 so much. And aside from the plot differences they're pretty much the same show... people with super powers... except in The 4400 the powers come from alien abduction not human evolution.
It's a pretty good show...
The kid who heals was my favorite I think.

Does anyone remember those commercials that were on USA? I miss those... I would probebly pay money to buy a dvd of those commercials... like the ones with Johnny and Monk, or Johnny and Shawn.
Yeah... those were the days... the days when I used to watch USA because of The 4400, The Dead Zone, and Psych.

Where have all my shows gone? ;__;
Well at least I have Prison Break and Heroes to keep me warm...
...wait... the season finales happened already ;__;
My T.V Sanity!

(don't mind me I've had alot of Mint Tea today and I'm really awake lol)
Momo - ARRG motherf**kers!


Eating a cherries Jubilee Andies candies then drinking regular coke produces a flavor that is terribly familiar to me and yet... I can't place it.
and no the flavor is suprisingly... not Cherry Coke.

Three things for me to remember today.
2)Balance Chakra if neccessary.
3)Hope you dont have to deal with her today.

::nods:: yesh.
I will see what David wants to do today, if he wants to do something, otherwise I always have the ever wonderful Prison Break to fall back on.

Oh! yesterday I also picked up the DECEMBERUNDERGROUND cd for afi... can't wait to listen to it ^_^
I'm sure there was a better reason for me to update... it just escapes me atm...

I've been doing too much paperwork XD
My brain is sludge.
Kei - wtf's official...

I have officially lost my damn mind for today.
I just caught myself dancing down the hall from the bathroom back to the office.
and not just any dance... that kind of wierd strut dance thing where you do the gangster walk and kind of punch the air in front of you with a slightly bent arm.
And if that wasn't enough I was whisper-singing "John Jacob Jinglehimer-Schmidt".

Yes that's right...
in my grown up / insurence / office building job.
Strut/dance/walking and singing to myself a childrens camp song.

I really need to go home.

Of course the moment my brain probebly broke is when I unconciously tuned into a conversation Julia was having with Keith while I was working...
the first thing I heard... and I'm not kidding you... was "...and the kid shit in my car! He literally shit on the seat of my car." from Keith.

What am a Dane Cook Joke?
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