December 14th, 2006

Wonka - Poke

Had to post... couldn't be helped...

I needed to see what the new posting format everyone's been talking about looked like.
Ooooh it's all slick and with a larger room for poo...
::ahem:: I mean... a larger space for text...
Damn you Eddie Izzard get out of my head... you almost made me write "couldn't be buggered" instead of Couldn't be helped...

Went to Walgreens to see teh Molly yesterday after deciding that it needed to be a computerless night... brought the Zounds with me so she could bask in it's awesomeness XD
Ended up spending a lot of time talking to Shelly about Prairie school and reminicing about teachers and things that happened there. She said she misses you lots David.
Molly and me then went to Denny's at about 11PM came home around midnight... played with the zounds some more then went to bed...
I don't think Eric came home until like 2 or 3 in the morning... I know I woke up when he did tho.
Woke up this morning, 2 people passed out on the futon Nikki and Eric... the TV had what looked like it should have possibly been the setup screen for Samurai Warriors but was apperently a DVD. Sam was on Eric's computer playing "World of everwarquest" oh sorry I ment the LotR MMORPG...
So I did a little acrobatic monkey routine to attempt to get ready for work without disturbing anyone... ended up being about 5 minutes late anyway and sans scarf today because Eric was laying on it and I didn't think I could extract it without waking him up.

Missed my conference call with Beth this morning because I had WAY too much stuff to do (oops) ended up being sent out for last minute Office Party things around 10:30 then (thankfully with my mom's help) set up the buffet table for our office Christmas Party until 11 or so. The OCT (obsessive compulsive triad) was short a member today so I've actually gotten by so far with minimal nagging. (although I was infomed that I didn't turn off the christmas tree last night and that that is one of my job duties... other people shouldn't have to do that for me, Megan.)
I had to take over for Debbie at the switchboard so she could hit the buffet before me (which kind of sucks IMHO because I did all the damn work.) because she has to have 2 or 3 breaks a day you know... in her 5 hour shift...
but whatever... had a good lunch... am so incredibly full it's not funny.
good deal.

Yesterday's Wikipedia topics included:
Family Guy
Quantum Leap (a link from the family guy page believe it or not... apperently in one episode Peter was a Jehova's Witness and got so many doors slammed in his face that when someone actually wanted to listen to the teachings of god from him he couldn't remember what to say so instead began to recite the opening monolouge to Quantum Leap only replacing "Dr, Sam Beckett" with Jesus... "Jesus awoke to find himself trapped in the past... facing mirror images that were not his own...")
Austrailan Blue Heeler Cattle Dog
Hairless Dogs
Hairless Pets
Hypoallergenic Pets
Poodle Hybrids
"Deer Faced" Chihuahua's
Crystal Ball (Keane Song)