December 15th, 2006

Wonka - Old People

Shrimp in the bathroom... and I couldn't even tell you why...

I warn you the cut tag is hella long... like no joke long...

Collapse )

We got a truffle sampler today in the mail from one of our clients... because we need more chocolate apperently...
deugh... I'm kind of starting to hate Chocolate XD
I mean I was never a giant choco-buff to start with but honest to god... so much chocolate it's obcene.
We also got a raspberry kringle so I was all about that.
Mmmm Kringle.

I want to go shopping tonight... anyone game?
I don't have a real specific goal in mind... I need a present for Molly, Tammy and Kaiya but I also want to look for good stylish scarfs and stuff to wear at cold cold work.
I might hit up Kohls or Target and World Market... Perhaps go to CD max and raid the TV Box Set section.
I'm one measly dvd away from the end of the L Word Season 3 so I need something new to watch.

After gh3y office party 2.0 last night David came over and we watched The Devil Wears Prada and Pulse... both of which were pretty cool movies ::nods:: not bad at all...
I want to see the Japanese Pulse now.
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