December 18th, 2006

Eye of Trowa


On the twelfth day of Christmas, cho_hakkai sent to me...
Twelve bloodfidgeters drumming
Eleven _fubuki_s piping
Ten fallenangelfishs a-singing
Nine nanami_hibinos drawing
Eight riseandfalleurys a-painting
Seven inviztibles a-writing
Six computers a-gaming
Five ba-a-a-ands
Four pwpgns
Three comics
Two heroes
...and a psych in a kyle xy.
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Imogen Heap = Awesome...
...more later must work now...
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okay okay so more as promised.

The concert was BADASS aside from the whole getting lost and it taking an hour and a half to get to the rave as apposed to 2 minutes (thanks alot Thomas! j/k j/k)
We missed all of the opening bands... which I wasn't too broken up about seeing as Murder by Death was the only one of the 3 opening acts that I had even heared of.
I wasn't going there to see them anyways...

ANYWHO we were chilling in the less crowded area near the side door and all of a sudden there she was... like 3 feet away from me... I was 3 feet away from Imogen Heap o_o that was probebly the singularly coolest moment in my adult life to date.
she snuck in the side door with what I assume were her bodyguards and all all "Hello! Hello!" and I was like O_O "ZOMG!"
(she was saying hello to the crowd I know but I can pretend she was saying hello to me can't I? I mean we made eye contact and everything lol.)

She was awesome and funny and beautiful and talented and I love her. ::nods:: she was a real trooper too as I was telling Dave earlier... she sang 2 frou frou songs... the first song she wrote... and the entire Say Anything CD... and all of this while she had Strep Throat.
Now THAT's a dedicated artist.
Ahhhh she's so good live... I actually teared up during Closing In because her voice is so pure it struck me right in my emotion feeling organ.

I wasn't able to get ahold of David (;__;) so it was Molly, Me, Quazo, Thomas, Shannon, and Jen-chan who went. I agree with Thomas, Shannon is awesomesauce and we need to hang out with her more ::nods::
I bought a T-Shirt, a Keychain, and a pink leather limited edition iPod Case from the concert.
twas awesome and totally worth it.
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